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Something's coming up

2013-04-01 16:02:48 by DJFry

This time I'm super-serial!

Something's coming up

What's up

2012-05-03 16:09:51 by DJFry

I'm taking state exams and finishing the diploma work in the next two months, but I hope I'll work on some cartoon in that time. Apparently I can do drawing only if I have lots of other more important work :)

What's up

It's my birthday!

2011-09-15 16:32:10 by DJFry

Not that anyone would care, but it really is. I'm 20 now, and I'm still working on some projects from when I was 17. Not much progress, but still...

The News

2011-03-18 16:40:41 by DJFry

Would you like to see a Scream parody by me releasing somewhere at the late April or the Final Destination short? (and by short, I mean it!).


2011-01-29 01:45:00 by DJFry

My review are getting deleted, shit getting approved for the front page, the world have gone insane.

Not gonna make it...

2011-01-21 15:43:49 by DJFry

Just... need... more... time...


2011-01-04 12:25:46 by DJFry

What's happening with my Episode One? D:
Do we have some kind of ad or smth? 'cause I don't quite get it.. <_>

Second Episode not coming this month!

2011-01-01 05:16:36 by DJFry


Daw ;(

2010-12-21 15:47:08 by DJFry

Looks like I've caught a cold :(

Just watched it. Hilarious. Reminded me of my own flash movies :)